Overview of Grand Gedeh County

Flag of Grand Gedeh County
Flag of Grand Gedeh County
Photo Credit: MIA

Grand Gedeh is one of the few leeward counties created in the 1960s. It was established in 1964. Grand Gedeh was formerly known as the Eastern Province under the 1847 Constitution of Liberia. Its original capital was Tchien, now known as Zwedru.


The then Eastern Province comprised two districts, Webbo (now part of River Gee County) and Tchien. Today Grand Gedeh County is subdivided into 2 Statutory districts, eight 8 Administrative districts, 16 Chiefdoms, 32 Clans, 3 Cities, and 236 Towns.


The County is noted for its rich iron ore reserves and vast forest, which are depicted in the flag of the County. The County flag has four colors: blue, white, green and orange. The green represents the rich forest and highlands, while the white and blue depict peace and unity. The sun in the background painted orange represents the new era of development. The superintendent of Grand Gedeh is Peter L. Solo.


Grand Gedeh is located in southeastern Liberia, bounded on the Northwest through the North by Nimba, on the Northwest through the East by the Cavalla River forming the boundary with Cote d’Ivoire, on the South by River Gee County, and on the Southwest by Sinoe County. The total land area of Grand Gedeh County is 10,276 km", which is about 9.22% of the total land area of Liberia.